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Orion Platform agent deployment issue on the target server

Updated October 15, 2018


The agent MSI installer was downloaded from the Orion Web Console and then installed on the target (monitored) server. The installation fails and automatically rolls back when the agent initiated option is selected. The installation is successful when the server initiated option is selected, but the agent shows as Unknown in the Orion Web Console.

The following error message is displayed when attempting to change the agent mode setting on the target (monitored) server:

Agent connected to Agent Management Service but provisioning has failed, error code [0x800706d9] - There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint manner. Failed to create certificate.


NPM 12.0 SR1 on a hardened environment


The issue is caused by permissions on the Orion server that are preventing NPM from provisioning the certificates.


  1. Do any of the following changes:
    • There are security policies applied to the cryptographic services on the machine. Check the defined value of the System cryptography: Force strong key protection for user keys stored on the computer group policy. Change the value as needed.
    • Stop the CNG Key Isolation service. Set the state to manual start, and then enable the service.
    • Go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\MachineKeys and temporarily grant full access to Everyone.
  2. When any of the changes are done, restart the SolarWinds Orion Module Engine service.
  3. After two minutes, open the AgentManagement.Service.log file (C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\Logs\AgentManagement\AgentManagement.Service.log). The issue is resolved if the Error generating provisioning certificate message is not visible in the log.
  4. Redeploy the agent.


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