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OIDs polled for EIGRP

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Updated: April 5, 2018


This article documents the OIDs supported to poll EIGRP Neighbor data.



  • NPM 10.7 and later


EIGRP was originally a proprietary Cisco routing protocol, only available on Cisco routers. Although it became an open protocol in 2013, our EIGRP support is focusing on Cisco devices and only uses Cisco EIGRP MIBs.


If the device responds to, this poller is supported. The peer protocol status is always "Established" because cEigrpPeer table only stores established peers.


NPM polls the following OIDs:

OID Name TableColumn cEigrpPeerAddr NeighborIdentifier cEigrpPeerAddrType IP_address_Type, IP_version cEigrpPeerAddr NeighborIP, NeighborIPGUID




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