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Node showing wrong location on World Map

Updated June 1, 2016


This article provides brief information and steps to resolve the issue when some Nodes  appear in the wrong location when using Auto Location on the World Map. 


NPM all versions



Orion can Automatically place objects on the World Map using geo location when the Device returns a street addrees or LAT/LONG via SNMP.

However there may be issue when using certain addresses.

Orion uses the Map Quest website to Resolve the place names and Address of Objects on the World Map.

There may be issues with certain Address, that the Map Quest Service cannot resolve properly.

The address details are been returned to Orion via SNMP, either via Address String or Latitude , Longitude.


SNMP OID responsible for Location in Node details information:


Go to the official Map Quest web site and manually enter the Address.

Is the Address located Correctly? 

If not, alter the address so that Map quest can locate the Address, for example, remove the street address if applicable.


Another option is to enter the Address in the web page below, then resolve the address to LAT/LONG:


Enter the LAT/LONG details on the device.


Below are examples for the correct format Address Names:


  • city (AA5), state (AA3) Lancaster, PA
  • city, state, postalCode Lancaster, PA, 17603
  • postalCode 17603
  • street, city, state 1090 N Charlotte St, Lancaster, PA
  • street, city, state, postalCode 1090 N Charlotte St, Lancaster, PA 17603
  • street, postalCode 1090 N Charlotte St, 17603


Specifying Locations:








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