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No interface bandwidth utilization data available

Updated April 19th, 2016



This article explains why some interfaces do not show any bandwidth utilization data.

When you check the device, the interface looks good (green indicates that it is up).


However, when you check the traffic, there is no data available. Interfaces are not providing bandwidth utilization data.


NPM 11.5 and later


Bandwidth utilization data might be missing for the following reasons.

Cause 1: The required options are not enabled

Verify that the required options are enabled:

  1. Go to the Node details page.
  2. Choose List Resource and expand the interface.
  3. Verify that the following options are selected:
    • Interface Traffic Statistics
    • Interface Error Statistics

If these options are selected but you are not seeing data, other possible causes are explained below.


Cause 2: Custom Time Period 

Check the Time Period on the Chart

Click  Export > Make Sure there is no Custom Time Period Fixed . 


Remove and then Click SUBMIT to save the changes. 



Cause 3: The required OIDs are not available

In order to show utilization data for an interface, each interface should provide the OID value  .  under the device MIBs, as shown in the example below. Only then will Orion be able to collect the statistical data from the interfaces. 

. = String: "motfcc0"

. = Counter32: 41329

. = Counter32:2394

Run an SNMPWalk scan for the device in question to verify that the required OIDs are available within each interface to collect the bandwidth data.


Working Interfaces 

All Interfaces

Bandwidth - ifInOctets

Bandwidth - ifOutOctets

. = String: "motfcc0"

. = Counter32: 41329

. = Counter32: 2394

. = String: "pdcc0"

. = Counter32: 0

. = Counter32: 0

. = String: "pdcc1"

. = Counter32: 0

. = Counter32: 0

Non working interfaces 

. = String: "E1_1/1"

No MIB Available

NO MIB Available

. = String: "E1_1/2"

No MIB Available

NO MIB Available

. = String: "E1_1/3"

No MIB Available

NO MIB Available

For more information, see What object IDs (OIDs) does NPM poll for interface information.


***Also if your Counters are 0 when you do the SNMPwalk try these steps to resolve and then retry the SNMPwalk***

1. stop SNMP services 
2. Or reboot switch
3  Install different version of O/S on switch


Cause 3: An optical/DWDM/SDH device

This may also occur when you have an optical/DWDW/SDH device. On these devices, some of the paths through the device are purely optical. They use different wavelengths of light, and use prisms and diffraction gratings to merge and split the traffic. If this is the case, there is not often a way for such a device to measure or report the traffic. For more information, see SFP Transceiver Specifications.

If the path is purely optical, there often isn't a way for such a device to measure and report the traffic. The up down status might not be of much use. For more information, please contact the vendor or open a support ticket with SolarWinds.


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