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NetPath endpoint port is closed

Updated December 8, 2016


The endpoint is red and in a critical status. When you click the endpoint to expand the issue, the message contains PercentPortClosed.


  • NPM 12.0 and later


Step 1: Test TCP connectivity

  1. Download and extract from Microsoft.
  2. Identify the IP address from the endpoint with the issue.
  3. Run psping from the command prompt to test end-to-end latency and packet loss to the NetPath service.

    psping -t endpoint_ip_address:endpoint_port

  4. After receiving 20 results, press Ctrl+C to stop.
  5. Look at the packet loss in the results. Check if it reads "Access is Denied" or if the packet loss less than 5%.


Did the TCP connectivity test successfully?

  • Yes: Go to Step 2.
  • No: The NetPath probe has an issue opening the port. Check the health of the endpoint server.

Step 2: Check the NetPath ConnectionBasedProbing flag

  1. Open C:\ProgramData\Solarwinds\Orion\NetPath\NetPathAgent.cfg.
  2. Check if the EnableConnectionBasedProbing flag is true.

Is the flag set to true?

  • Yes: Submit a ticket to technical support.
  • No: Follow this workaround:
    1. Open C:\ProgramData\Solarwinds\Orion\NetPath\NetPathAgent.cfg in a text editor as administrator.
    2. Save a copy of original NetPathAgent.cfg file as a backup.
    3. Stop the SolarWinds Job Engine 2 service.
    4. Change the following settings in the NetPathAgent.cfg file:

      "EnableConnectionBasedProbing", "true",

    5. Save the NetPathAgent.cfg file.
    6. Start the SolarWinds Job Engine 2 service.


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