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NPM: Deploy WinPcap and DPI plugin to agent

Table of contents

Updated May 30, 2018


This article provides steps to automatically deploy the DPI plugin and WinPcap to Windows Agents without having a QoE sensor assigned to the Agent.


  • NPM 12.0.1



  1. Open Orion Database Manager from the Orion Start Menu by navigating to SolarWinds Orion > Advanced Features > Database Manager.
  2. If your SQL Server is not displayed, select the button labeled "Add Default Server".
  3. Scroll to Orion Database. Right-click and select "NEW QUERY".
  4. Copy the SQL code below and press "Execute Query". This query lists every Agent where a DPI plugin is deployed:
    SELECT * FROM [dbo].[AgentManagement_AgentPlugins]
    inner join [dbo].[AgentManagement_Agents]
    ON [dbo].[AgentManagement_Agents].AgentID= [dbo].[AgentManagement_AgentPlugins].AgentID
    AND [dbo].[AgentManagement_AgentPlugins].PluginID like '%dpi%'
  5. The following query deletes the DPI plugin from Agents. The X must be replaced with the agentid for the Agent you wish to delete the plugin from.
    Delete from [dbo].[AgentManagement_AgentPlugins]
    where pluginid like '%dpi%'
    and Agentid = X


Note: WinPcap must be removed manually from each of the nodes.




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