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NPM 12 may crash F5s due to an F5 memory leak

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Created by Robert Stidman, last modified by Michael Perez on Feb 02, 2017

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Updated June 13, 2016


Servers polled with NPM 11.x and lower that are moved to an NPM 12 system for polling may crash and need to be rebooted after an NPM poll, likely due to a known issue with an F5 memory leak.  


NPM v12 and F5 devices


It is suggested to work with F5 on this issue. Refer to SOL14036: The BID-IP snmpd process may leak memory when polling for the number of members in a pool.  (© 2015 F5 Networks, Inc. All rights reserved.  Available at, obtained on June 15, 2016)  Please note that some customers have reported similar impact on versions not listed in the article.  


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