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NPM 10.7 - SWISv2 and BL cannot start and .NET 4.6 TLS Issue on APE

Created by Kevin Twomey, last modified by Laura C on Aug 23, 2017

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This article describes the issue when NPM 10.7 -  SWISv2 and BL cannot start. This also talks about.NET 4.6 TLS issue on the additional polling engine (APE)

APE was completed down.

  • MD5 cert:    Main poller is as is, still on Server 2008 Servers.  
  • SHA1 cert:  Migrated AP from 2003 Servers to Server 2012 Servers. (due to running internal MD5 Fixit Tool)



  • NPM 10.7


  • Original cause was Windows Server was updated to .NET 4.6 which enabled TLS 1.2 and its not supported.
  • Other Reps Steps Tried:
    • NPM 10.7 -  MD5 FixIt Tool was incorrectly used.
    • Was only ran on APE, upgrading CERTIFICATE from MD5 to SHA1, but main polelrs cert was still MD5.
      • Main Poller and APE CERTS need to matc.
      • 2) TLS Repair Tool was ran APE but not Main Poller, hence it did not fix the issue.
      • 3) Registry to Disable TLS 1.2, reenable TLS 1.0. Didnt work.
  • APE Diagnostics show:

    •\SystemInformation\SystemInfo.txt (1 hit)


1. Removed APE CERT, repair it manually copying it from Main Poller. Now APE is MD5 again, not SHA1.

2. Remove .NET 4.6 MS Update from Turn\Off Windows Feature.

3. Alternative option is to run MD5 FixIT Tool on all Pollers.
4. Uninstall MS Update. The Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 is a highly compatible in-place update to the Microsoft .NET Framework 4, the .NET Framework 4.5, the .NET Framework 4.5.1, and the .NET Framework 4.5.2.
On Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 R2, Update for Microsoft Windows (KB3045563) is displayed under Installed Updates in Control Panel.

.NET Framework Setup Verification Tool - MS Tool:

  • This .NET Framework setup verification tool is designed to automatically perform a set of steps to verify the installation state of one or more versions of the .NET Framework on a computer. 

  • It will verify the presence of files, directories, registry keys and values for the .NET Framework. 

  • It will also verify that simple applications that use the .NET Framework can be run correctly.

    • Before Uninstall Update KB3045563

    • After Uninstall Update KB3045563

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