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NOC View for WAN interface utilization - multiple interface

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Created by Deney De Guzman, last modified by Rodim Suarez_ret on Nov 21, 2016

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This article will provide steps on how to produce a view that will display interface statistics from multiple nodes on a single view.


All NPM versions


  1. Login to Orion web console with Admin Rights.
  2. Settings >> Views Section >> Add View.
  3. Type of View is Summary.
  4. Put the Name of the view and hit Submit.
  5. Click the plus sign >> Search for this “Custom Object Resource”.
  6. Repeat on adding it until you were able to put enough number for each WAN Interface you want to put on one page.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Go back to Manage View >> select the view you have created >> Edit >> once Edit Hit the Preview Button at the bottom. It will open a new tab >> copy the URL.
  9. Go to User Accounts >> Manage Accounts >> Select your account you are using >> EDIT
  10. Then Go back to Settings >> Customize Navigation & Look >> Customize Menu bar.
  11. Go to Default Menu Bar and Views >> Check the HomeTab Menu bar you are using >> then click Customize Menu Bars.
  12. Choose the Menu bar you are using on the Home Page >> Hit EDIT.
  13. Scroll all the way down >> hit ADD >> Enter name of the View >> then paste the URL. >> uncheck the open in a new window.
  14. Then it will be created on the left side >> drag it over on the right and place it where you want to place it.
  15. Then Refresh the page >> navigate to HOME tab >> you will see the new Sub Tab.
  16. Click on the SUB tab that you have created (the new view).
  17. Click Edit to one of them resource view (upper right hand portion of the box view).
  18. Choose the Object Type to interface.
  19. Click Select Object >> Put one of the interface you want to monitor >> the WAN interface.
  20. Select Object Resource >> Choose the information you want to put in >> like Ave/Min/Max bps.
  21. Submit.
  22. Repeat the process for the next Custom Object Resource for the other interfaces.


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