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Missing Menu Bar for NPM 12.1 and later

Updated September 9th, 2018


This article provides a resolution to a missing menu bar for NPM 12.1 and later.



  • NPM 12.1 +




The customer has the URL Authorization Module installed and enabled in IIS. The URL Authorization is another access control mechanism. 


For more information, see:


At the IIS server level, the configured authorization rules are as follows:

                <add accessType="Allow" roles="TEST_Web_Users" />
                <add accessType="Allow" roles="TEST\TEST Web RO" />
                <add accessType="Allow" roles="TEST\TEST Solarwinds Users" />
                <add accessType="Allow" roles="TEST\TEST Infra Support" />


Only members of (TEST_Web_Users, TEST\TEST Web RO, TEST\TEST Solarwinds Users, TEST\TEST Infra Support) groups are allowed to access IIS hosted content. 


At the Orion website level access is tightened a bit more. Excerpt from web.config:

                        <remove users="" roles="TEST_Web_Users" verbs="" />
                        <remove users="" roles="TEST\TEST Web RO" verbs="" />

Only members of (TEST\TEST Solarwinds Users, TEST\TEST Infra Support) have access to Orion website content.


When the Orion website builds a top menu, it makes a self request and pipelines only user account information from original request into self request. The request fails with a 401 error code.

Cause 2


SCOM Agent installed on main poller


Line 24394: 2018-07-05 11:07:41,781 [38] (788) ERROR SolarWinds.Orion.Web.Platform.ApiRequest - (null) Request failed to: http://IPADDRESS/api2/content/viewgroups
Line 24395: 2018-07-05 11:07:41,781 [38] (788) ERROR SolarWinds.Orion.Web.UI.SWTab - (null) Failure retrieving view groups.


Resolution 1

  • Change authorization rules for the api2 web application under Solarwinds NetPerfMon website and allow access for "All users".  C:\inetpub\SolarWinds\api2
  • Or allow access to api2 app to all Windows users which should have access to the Orion web site explicitly (i.e., add users one by one).


Resolution 2

  • According Websites table the Orion website was configured to (All unassigned) IP addresses, port 80, SSL not enabled.  According IIS configuration the site is actually served on specific IP - 10.x.x.x, both http (80) and 443 (https)
  • To build top menu the Orion website creates self request to FQDN/Hostname which resolves to local loopback interface address and request fails.
2018-06-04 11:44:15,635 [78] (15) ERROR SolarWinds.Orion.Web.Platform.ApiRequest - (null)  Request failed to: http://HOSTNAME/api2/content/viewgroups
2018-06-04 11:44:15,635 [78] (15) ERROR SolarWinds.Orion.Web.UI.SWTab - (null)  Failure retrieving view groups.
  • Ran IIS Manager and change Orion website binding to All unassigned. That fixed the issue.



Resolution 3


Uninstall SCOM agent that is on the main poller.


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