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Manually register a SolarWinds license

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This article describes how to manually register a SolarWinds license.


You might be looking for offline activation of Orion Platform products.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This applies only to older versions of the Orion Platform. 
Beginning with SolarWinds Orion 2016.2 products, the web-based License Manager replaces the previous stand-alone License Manager. For licensing information for newer versions of SolarWinds Orion Platform please see our Guide to SolarWinds Product Licenses.




  1. Click Start > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Advanced Features > SolarWinds License Manager.
  2. When prompted to enter license information, select This server does not have internet access. Guide me through offline, manual activation and click Next.
  3. Click Copy Unique Machine ID.

  4. Paste the Unique Machine ID onto your preferred text editor.  
    Note: Change the Font to FixedSys to differentiate l, I and 1 as well as 0 and O.

  5. Log in to the Customer Portal on a machine with internet access. 

  6. Go to Licensing & Maintenance > License Management.

  7. Expand the list item for your product and click "Activate license manually".

  8. Enter user and computer details, then paste the Unique Machine ID from your text editor.
  9. Click Generate Key.
  10. Download your license file and save to a safe location.
  11. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 in this procedure.
  12. In the Activate product (no internet connection) window, proceed to the last step by browsing to the license file you saved in Step 10.
  13. Click Next and complete the license registration.
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