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List of alert variables for nodes is missing

Updated June 19, 2017


A variety of alerts trigger emails based on its criteria. For many of these emails, the NODE VARIABLES option is used in the Alert Manager to fill out pertinent details on the email that is sent. This was working fine until some alerts no longer include any of the variable data, and instead displays the raw variable code. When the alerts are inspected, all the preset variables are missing under the Variable under the Nodes drop-down. As a result, the emails that are generated have nothing in reference and just includes raw variables.


The actual alert includes correct details and only the email that gets sent information is missing.



NPM 11.5


The Alerthistory table is too large and needs to be truncated.


  1. Open Database Manager.
  2. Run the following query:
    truncate table alerthistory
  3. Stop and restart all services using the Orion Services Manager.


SolarWinds strongly recommends upgrading to NPM 12.0.1 to resolve the issue.


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