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Link line appearance option is unavailable for map Network Atlas

Updated March 06, 2019


This article details a resolution to an issue in Network Atlas in which the Appearance option for a map is unavailable under Link Properties:


  • NPM v11 and later


The issue occurs when the map's file is exported and then opened from the exported location.


The original map needs to be recreated in the Network Atlas Map. 

  1. Start the Network Atlas.
  2. Enter your Orion Web Console credentials and the Orion server address, and click Connect.
  3. Follow the instructions for creating a new Network Atlas Map.





Resolution 2:


When Link Utilization is selected it is going to show the colour according to link Utilization.



and the Link Properties 'Appearance' tab will be grayed out as it the colour is taking from Link utilization rather than being manually edited in the Link Properties 'Appearance' section. 



When showing Link Utilization "Appearance" is not customizable and the colour is taking from the Link utilization above.



When using 'Dont show additional Info' the Appearance is customizable once again.






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