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Limit product access for an account to only see the NPM Menu tab

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Created by Ezgi Muderrisoglu, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article provides brief information and steps to limit the visibility of an account to the NPM Menu Bar. 

The following is a sample scenario:

A user has multiple products installed in their environment. For example, NPM, SAM and NTA. 

The user would like to limit one account, so that the account can only see the NPM Menu Tab and Home Tab, but not the SAM and NTA Menu Tabs.


  • NPM version 11.5.2
  • All SAM versions
  • All NTA versions


1. Open your Web Console. 

2. Go to Settings > Manage Accounts.

3. Create and save a test account.

4. Name the test account as TestA.

5. Click TestA and edit. 

6. Scroll down to Default Menu Bar and Views section.

Note: You will see the following:

  • HomeTab Menu Bar: Default
  • Netflow Tab Menu Bar: NTA_TabMenu
  • NetworkTab Menu Bar: Network_TabMenu
  • ApplicationsTab Menu Bar: .....



7. Edit this section: Keep the HomeTab Menu Bar, and NetworkTab Menu Bar the same, and change all the rest of the Menu Bars to: None.

8. Click Save. 

9. Log in to your Web Console with the test account TestA and check what is visible to you. You should only see the Home and NPM Menu tabs. 


Note: The steps above will help you with removing the other modules Tabs for an account.


You can also restrict views and information on an account, you can remove tabs, restrict the menu bars, or create customized menu bars for certain tabs as well depending on the type of restriction that you are looking for on an account.


See the following for more information:





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