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Job Scheduler service running on additonal polling engines

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Updated November 9, 2016


The Job Scheduler service is not running on all additional pollers.

Likely scenarios:

  • Two environments with one main and three additional pollers.
  • The Job Scheduler is running on two of the additional pollers, one in each on two separate Orion environments and is not running on the third. 
  • It has been suggested that this is a known issue resulting from a repair of the job engine.
  • Disabled the Job Scheduler via services on the APs and both environments appear to be polling as normal.



All Orion platforms


  • JobEngine installer contains 2 components: JobEngine and JobScheduler.
  • The Orion installer always install proper components based on target engine (main, additional). 
  • If the JobEngine installer is manually run from %ProgramData%\SolarWinds\Installers\, you can choose which component to install (this is by design and is for debugging purposes). 

Is this an issue?

  • No. It does not have an impact on any functionality.
  • The Job Scheduler is a passive service which waits until a job is submitted.. Because nobody knows that scheduler service exists on additional poller, nobody tries to talk to it. So, the Job Scheduler service is an orphan and it works in idle mode. 


No further action is required. In case you want to get rid of the scheduler component, do the following steps:

  1. Run the installer from c:\ProgramData\Solarwinds\Installers\JobEngine.msi.
  2. Choose the Change option.
  3. Select Job Engine Scheduler and switch it to Entire feature will be unavailable.
  4. Finish the installation.


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