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Issues with the export to PDF feature of the Web Console

Created by Mindy.Kerber, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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The issues listed in this article have been encountered while attempting to export PDFs from the Orion Web Console. When available, a resolution or workaround is provided. If the problem you are having is not addressed in this article, please submit a technical support ticket.


  • Any Orion release


Issue: In environments using self-signed certificates, the following error has occurred when attempting to use the Export to PDF function in the Orion Web Console: 
There was an error trying to export the page to PDF. Please try again later.

Export to PDF failed. Err: The underlying connections was closed; could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel.
Resolution: To correct this issue: 

  1. If you are using Internet Explorer, confirm that third-party extensions are allowed, as follows: 
    a. Click Tools > Internet Options > Advanced
    b. Check Enable third-party browser extensions.
  2. Confirm that the server name provided when creating the issued certificate matches the actual name of the server to which the server is issued.
    Note: Confirm that you are using the fully qualified domain name (FQDN), as inSolarWindsServerName.TopLevelDomain.local both as the URL to access the web console and as the domain to which the certificate is assigned. Additionally, you may want to add a CNAME entry for the server name and its FQDN.
  3. If the server name on the certificate does not match the actual server name, create a new certificate using the correct server name.


Issue: In IIS6 environments using web gardens, attempts to list resources or export to PDF may fail.
Resolution: Using web gardens in IIS6 may result in failures to list resources or export to PDF from the web console.
For more information about web gardens, see the Microsoft TechNet article Configuring Web Gardens with IIS 6.0 (IIS 6.0).


Issue: Export to PDF is not available in an Orion NCM Integrated Web Console
Resolution: This is a known issue in Orion NCM 6.0. When viewing NCM reports from the Orion Web Console (Configs), though the report may contain data, clicking the Export PDF option often returns an error. The Export to PDF option was removed for NCM 6.1; the functionality will return in working order when Orion NCM releases again later in 2011.
The current workaround is to use a third party PDF creation tool (for example, Cute PDF).


Issue: Export to PDF Fails with a 400 Error
Resolution: There is a known bug that is slated to be fixed in a future release, but there is no specific time frame announced for this release. Potential workarounds include the following: 

  1. In the Configuration Wizard (Start > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Configuration and Auto-Discovery > Configuration Wizard), change the web site binding to All unassigned instead of a direct IP address. If you are running Internet Information Services version 7 (IIS7), and it does not allow you to use both web site binding to All unassigned and port number 443, change the port number to something other than 443.
  2. Use default port 80 for the web console.


Issue: Export to PDF Fails with a 404 Error
Resolution: There is a documented bug that is fixed in NPM 10.1.2 SP1. Potential workarounds include the following:

  1. Use the Orion server IP address instead of the server name within the URL
  2. Edit the local machines host file to include the IP and DNS name for the Orion server in Volume:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts. A standard text editor may be used. The exact location of this file may vary with machine OS. Instructions for editing the file are included in the hosts file.


Issue: Export to PDF shows "No data for Selected Time Period" or incorrect date
NTA sends the date format in US English format - mm/dd/yyyy. When using browsers set to languages other than US English, the date is read as dd/mm/yyyy. This causes an erroneous date or a "No data for Selected Time Period" error.
Resolution: This is a known issue. The workaround is to temporarily change the browser language setting to US English.


Issue: Export to PDF is not retaining filter information for event, alert, syslog, traps, or message center views.
In some versions of Orion NPM, the conditions applied in a filtered event, alert, syslog, traps, or message center view may not be retained when the filtered view is exported to PDF. This is a known issue that will be addressed in a future release of Orion NPM.
The following procedure serves as a workaround, allowing you to retain all filter settings passed in the URL of the view you are exporting to PDF.
Resolution: To retain filter settings when exporting an event, alert, syslog, traps, or message center view to PDF: 

  1. Configure your filtered web console view. For more information about configuring event, alert, syslog, traps, or message center views, see the corresponding sections of your SolarWinds product Administrator Guide, available on the SolarWinds Product Documentation Page.
  2. Click Refresh, and then confirm that all filter options have been applied.
  3. Click Printable Version.
  4. Remove the string Printable from the generated URL, and then press Enter.
  5. Click Export to PDF.


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