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Incorrect Hardware Health Status on VMWare Node

Updated June 1, 2016


This article provides brief information and steps to resolve the issue where nodes polling with VMware credentials to get statistics have hardware health objects with incorrect status compared to the Vcenter hardware health.


  • SAM 6.4 and earlier
  • VIM/VMAN 7.2 and earlier


When polled through vCenter, the Vcenter is not updated by the host machine properly.


If the node is "polling through Vcenter", change it to "poll through ESX" in the Orion Virtualization Settings page. See Poll ESX servers controlled by vCenter servers directly.

The Hardware Health monitoring is enabled for all ESX servers automatically and you cannot enable/disable it manually. VMWare type of node can be polled for Hardware information two different ways:

  • Through vCenter
  • Directly by using CIM protocol (ESXpolling)

Polling through vCenter uses the VMWare native API interface. Polling ESX server directly uses CIM protocol for get the Hardware information. 


To determine how the node is polled:

  1. Go to VMWare Settings page. You can get there from Settings - Node & Group Management.
  2. Review the Polling Through column in the table. The table lists all currently polled VMWare node.




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