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Iframe in custom HTML Resource not showing

Updated April 18th, 2016



When using a HTML Link In the Custom HTML Resource, and using Code that consists of an Iframe, the link shows up in the Local Server, but when the Orion Web Page is accessed from outside the Server, The IFrame appears blank.


Below is an example of the Code used In the Custom HTML Resource:

<iframe src="http://Sample URL" style="width: 100%; height: 600px"scrolling="No" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" frameborder="0" vspace="0" hspace="0">



<!–– Addtional notes for iframe Zooming sample code...

#wrapper { width: 500px; height: 400px; padding: 0; overflow: hidden; }
#scaled-frame { scrolling="yes"; width: 950px; height: 750px; border: 1px; }
#scaled-frame {
    zoom: 0.5;
    -moz-transform: scale(0.5);
    -moz-transform-origin: 0 0;
    -o-transform: scale(0.5);
    -o-transform-origin: 0 0;
    -webkit-transform: scale(0.5);
    -webkit-transform-origin: 0 0;

@media screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0) {
 #scaled-frame  { zoom: 1;  }

<div id="wrapper"><iframe id="scaled-frame" src="http:///Orion/SummaryView.aspx?ViewID=1"></iframe></div>



All versions of NPM


This Issue occurs when the Orion website is using HTTPS, and the Link in the iframe is HTTP. Sometimes, this is caused by a security update to the browser that automatically hides iframes that use HTTP if you are browsing a site on an HTTPS connection.



  • Revert your Orion website back to HTTP.
  • If the URL you are trying to display in the iframe is within your control, change it to HTTPS.


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