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How to clear discards and errors statistics for the day

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Updated March 6, 2018


The Orion database still retains discards and errors of monitored interfaces for the rest of the day after clearing them in the device directly. This is more obvious on maps created in Network Atlas where interfaces errors this hour and today are shown. For this reason, the steps below outline how to clear errors and discards statistics collected by NPM within the day.


  • NPM 12.2
  • Network Atlas


  1. Open Database Manager
  2. Click "Add default server"
  3. Expand your server, right-click the database and hit "New query ..."
  4. Copy and paste the SQL query below replacing NAME with the name of the interface and NUMBER with the NodeID of the device where the interface is located.

    Note: To obtain the NodeID of a device, refer to How to obtain a node ID from the Web Console

  5. Click "Execute query"
UPDATE Interfaces SET InDiscardsThisHour = '0',
InDiscardsToday = '0',
InErrorsThisHour = '0',
InErrorsToday = '0',
OutDiscardsThisHour = '0',
OutDiscardsToday = '0',
OutErrorsThisHour = '0',
OutErrorsToday = '0' WHERE InterfaceName = 'NAME' AND NodeID = 'NUMBER'



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