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High memory utilization in Cisco ISR4300 series routers

Updated April 8th, 2016


If the Average CPU Load and Memory utilization widgets display high memory utilization for Cisco ISR4300 series routers with Network Performance Monitor (NPM) and Network Configuration Manager (NCM), verify that the correct memory poller is used.




  • NPM 11.5 
  • NCM 7.4


Incorrect Memory Poller assigned 

N.Memory.SNMP.CiscoGen4 Poller



Assign N.Memory.SNMP.CiscoGen3 Poller using the Poller Checker Tool.


How to Use the Poller Checker Tool

  1. Navigate to C: > Program Files (x86) > Solarwinds > Orion > PollerCheckerTool.exe
  2. Run the executable.
  3. From the leftmost column, select the node to check the assigned/supported pollers.
  4. From the next column, select Memory of the related components.
  5. Click on detect pollers. Supported pollers are highlighted with a green background.
  6. Now select the N.Memory.SNMP.CiscoGen3 Poller and Click Add/Replace Poller.
  7. Click Yes.
  8. Wait for 30 minutes and check the results.








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