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Hardware Health: SAM and NPM differences

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  • SAM Hardware Polling: 
    • SAM can monitor hardware (servers) from VMware hosts, HP ProLiant, Dell PowerEdge, and the IBM X-Series. 
    • Hardware monitoring is achieved by polling via SNMP, WMI, or VMware API, depending upon the node
  • NPM Hardware Polling: 
    • NPM polls hardware health only for network devices, such as routers and switches using SNMP.


SAM (Server HWH Sensors)

[APM_HardwareInfo.PollingMethod] (SAM)

  • 0 Unknown
  • 1 VMware                Direct ESX polling (CIM polling) 
  • 2 SNMPDell
  • 3 SNMPHP
  • 5 VMwareAPI          (Through vCenter VMware API)
  • 6 WmiDell
  • 7 WmiHP
  • 8 WmiIBM

NPM (Networking HWH Sensors)

  • [APM_HardwareInfo.PollingMethod] (NPM)

    • 9 Snmp.NPM.Cisco (2 Different MIB Options)

    • 10 Snmp.NPM.Juniper

    • 11 Snmp.NPM.HP

    • 12 Snmp.NPM.F5

    • 14 Snmp.NPM.Dell.PowerConnect

    • 18 SNMP.NPM.Arista

    • 19 SNMP.NPM.ASA

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