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Everything you need to plan for a production installation upgrade or migration

Updated: December 14, 2018


UPDATE January 31, 2018: Use the new SolarWinds Orion Installer! The SolarWinds Orion Installer is an all-in-one installer to install and upgrade one or more Orion Platform products simultaneously.


This article explains production installation, upgrade, migration and support assistance and upgrade and videos of step by step guides. 


  • Modules running the Orion Platform


Why should I upgrade?

We strongly recommend you to upgrade to the newest version of NPM. This Orion NPM introduces a number of significant enhancements to improve performance and provide greater stability in more demanding environments. Our development team also resolved many known issues within the latest release.

  • NOTE: Not all issues are included within the release notes, therefore, it's possible that the issues you are facing or could face will have also been fixed in the latest release. It is highly recommended to consider the Tech support recommendation to upgrade the product in order to further isolate and identify the root cause. This can sometimes make more sense than repairing the same system and spending alot more time and effort since upgrading will update many of the files such as DLL's or config file settings to usually something more stable.


Please Note: Its is strongly recommended before you upgrade make sure you have FULL System snapshot / Orion DB OR SQL Server snapshot just to be safe.



See the Solarwinds Upgrade Guide for an overview of the upgrade with links for your specific product and multiple product upgrades.


For more details, see the release notes below:

What features are been included in the new NPM release compared what I have currently installed?

Minimum Hardware Recommendation:

NPM database server (SQL Server) requirements:

We strongly advise having a full Orion Database backup before you upgrade. You can follow the link below on how to do this:

If you are looking for migration please see the below link


How can I get help for my Upgrade Or fresh install?


  1. Installation \ Migration (4 videos)
    1. Preparing an NPM Installation (17:51)
    2. Install Network Performance Monitor (5:22)
    3. How to install an additional polling engine (3:20)
    4. Migrating your Orion Platform product to another server (8:01)
  2. Upgrading (2 videos)
    1. Upgrade to NPM v12 (45:40)
    2. Upgrading the Orion Platform (4:22)


Which Module I do I need to upgrade first and what is my upgrade path?

Please find the below links for your versions and upgrade path to determine. 


How can I migrate/apply the licensed from another server to a new server?

License Manager:

A video has been created to help step people through moving a licensed product from one computer or server to another.  You will be stepped through parking a license, moving to another computer or server, and reusing the parked license on the new computer or server:

Migrating SolarWinds Product Licenses (no longer available)

Where can I download upgrade installers?


When you download the zip file and have it on the server, make sure to:
1. Right-click
2. Go to Properties
3. Click Unblock on the bottom right-hand corner
4. Apply and save
After you have unblocked the zip, make sure to extract it from the zip file.
Once extracted, right-click on the installer and run as admin.


Make sure to apply required permissions and install using Local Administrator account to avoid issues while installing or upgrading!

What if I'm stuck during the Upgrade process and my server is down?
  • Please feel free to submit a new support ticket in relation to your question/error. Our support lines are available 24/7.
  • Select "System Down" priority
  • 24/7 Phone Support

You can also contact the support by 24/7  phone support.


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