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Error 404: The webpage cannot be found

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Created by John Wallace, last modified by Alexander Aguilar on Aug 02, 2018

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The following error occurs when running the Orion Report Scheduler from the start Menu:

Error 404

The webpage cannot be found



All versions of Orion


The Solarwinds NetPerfMon website in IIS has its bindings set to a Specific IP address instead of All Unassigned. The URL the Orion Report Scheduler uses is the ServerName and it will get the 404 error because the binding is set to the IP address.

To resolve the issue edit the Bindings in IIS for the NetPerfMon website and set it to All Unassigned and restart the web site. After that the Orion Report Scheduler should be able to get to the web site with no issues.



- Run the Configuration Wizard and changed website option to IP Address All Unassigned - Port 80 by doing this it will make the change within the SolarWinds database website table as well.




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