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Display bandwidth information on the map

Created by Jane Baylon, last modified by Magdalena.Markova on Jun 05, 2018

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To display the static bandwidth information for interfaces on Network Atlas maps, use the Network Atlas tooltip variables for interfaces.

Links you have created in the Network Atlas manually do not have bandwidth displayed by default.


All NPM versions


Add variables to display the required information as labels for the interface:

  1. Open the map using the Network Atlas tool.
  2. Highlight and right-click the interface and select Add Label.

    Make sure the selected object is an interface. You can display labels for other entities, such as nodes, volumes, or applications, but you need to use variables for the selected entity. See Network Atlas tooltip variables.

  3. Type a description and insert a variable for information to be displayed, such as:
    For interface utilization: 'Out Util - ${OutPercentUtil}'  In Util - ${InPercentUtil}'
    For current interface traffic: 'Out Bps - ${Outbps}'  In Bps - ${Inbps}'.
    For other options, see the list of Network Atlas tooltip variables for interfaces.
  4. Save the changes on the map. In the Network Atlas, you can see the variables you inserted.
  5. Open the map in the Orion Web Console. Values for the selected variables are displayed as labels for the interface.
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