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Disable Topology, Routing, Multicast, HardwareHealth polling jobs

Updated March 11th, 2016


This shows How to Disable Topology, Routing, Multicast, HardwareHealth and Polling Jobs.




How to disable Topology Polling

  • Open the Orion DB Manager
  • Right-click the Pollers Table and select Query now.
  • Enter the following query:
 Select * from Pollers where PollerType LIKE '%N.Topology%'
  • All the Polling jobs related to topology are displayed.

To Delete these polling jobs:

DELETE from Pollers where PollerType LIKE '%N.Topology%'

To edit Topology\Multicast polling frequency instead of deleting these polling jobs:

  • Topology Polling Intervals (Via the Web Console)
  • Topology Polling Intervals (Via the SQL Queries)


How to disable Routing Polling

Currently there is no option to disable the polling routing besides deleting the pollers. 

Disabling ALL Routing Polling:

delete from pollers where pollerType like '%Rout%'

Disabling Routing Polling:

delete from pollers where pollerType like 'N.Routing.%'

Disabling Multicast Polling:

delete from pollers where pollerType like 'N.MulticastRouting.%'

Routing Poller Types

  • N.Routing.SNMP.Ipv4CidrRoutingTable

  • N.Routing.SNMP.Ipv4RoutingTable

  • N.Routing.SNMP.Ip64RoutingTable

  • N.RoutingNeighbor.SNMP.BGP

  • N.RoutingNeighbor.SNMP.OSPF

  • N.RoutingNeighbor.SNMP.EIGRP


New disable routing option using Device Studio:
Settings ->  Node & Group Management -> Manage Pollers -> Solarwinds Native Poller ->  Routing

image2015-3-11 14-29-23.png

To edit Routing\Multicast polling frequency instead of deleting these polling jobs:

One could instead push out polling interval from minutes to hours instead of removing polling job.
Simply run the following in DB Manager and carefully edit CurrentValue using "Enable Table Editing" Option.
 Select * from settings where settingid LIKE '%NPM_Settings%interval%'
image2015-1-15 16-40-33 (1).png

Disabling Multicast Polling:

Summary of resources on NPM Multicast issues:

How to disable Hardware Health Polling

Run the following query in SQL Mgt Studio or DB manager against Orion Database.

Disabling ALL Hardware Health Polling:

Update APM_HardwareInfo Set isdisabled=1

Disable hardware health monitoring manually.


POLLERS.Enable Field (Not yet implemented in v10.5)

  • Currently NPM v10.5 and backwards, if record exists in the Poller Table it is polled. 
  • Development team is starting working on a change in v10.5, that allows the users to change the field Enable from 1 to 0. 
  • This feature is yet to be fully completed for NPM v10.5. At present it works only for multicast, but in future releases, the users will be able to Disable\enable all Pollers with POLLERS.Enable field.
  • This note will be updated once the Development team provides the current status 
    • Whether it works for some Poller Typesand also additional SQL Update Queries will be added. 
  • Some modules such as Multicast have started using Enable Field, but the CPU and Memory\Interface Pollers are yet to use it.

image2013-7-25 15-59-30.png

In the future releases, the Poller Job can be disabled by setting the POLLERS.ENABLED to 1 or 0.


You can disable the Poller Job using DB Manager either 1 at a time or all using the following query:

Update Pollers set Enabled = 0 where PollerType like '%N.MulticastRouting.%';


Editing Polling Frequencies

Routing and Multicast Polling Intervals and retention can be edited via DB MANAGER ONLY.
Defaults shown below 

SELECT TOP 1000 * FROM [dbo].[Settings]  where settingID like '%Rout%'


To edit them, simply, go to Start -> All Programs -> Solarwinds Orion -> Advanced Features -> Database Manager
Run either query below. Click the ENABLE TABLE EDITING, and carefully edit the multicast CurrentValue polling from 10 to 5 minutes.

  • NOTE: this will cause extra load on your devices, routing polling can be intensive.
SELECT TOP 1000 * FROM [dbo].[Settings]  where settingID like '%MulticastRouting%_PollInterval'
image2013-10-29 14-34-48.png


This can be mass edited via WEB Polling Settings Page (see DB Manager below). The default is 30 Minutes, which can be changed to 300 or 600 Minutes.image2013-10-29 14-39-2.png


SELECT TOP 1000 * FROM [dbo].[nodeSettings] where settingname like '%core.topology%'

 image2013-10-29 14-37-22.png

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