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Database permission error in the Configuration Wizard

Created by Su-Lyn Rosenberry-ret, last modified by Alexis Pasao on Sep 18, 2018

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Updated September 18, 2018

Taken from Interspire KB 1627


When you run the Configuration Wizard, you receive an error that says you do not have the required permissions to the database.


Any product running on the Orion Platform.


The Configuration Wizard reports this error because the SQL account you have assigned to your Orion installation has not been configured with the appropriate permissions to access your Orion database. You must create a new SQL account with required permissions for your Orion installation.


To create a new SQL account, you must have access to the following:

  • Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio on the SQL Server hosting your Orion database.
  • sa credentials to the SQL Server hosting your Orion database.


  1. Using sa credentials, log in to SQL Server Management Studio on the SQL Server hosting your Orion database (Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server > SQL Server Management Studio).
  2. Click + to expand Security > Logins.
  3. Delete all existing SolarWinds Orion database accounts.
    You must be logged in as the sa user. Do not delete the sa user.
  4. Create a new user.
    1.Right-click Logins, and then select New Login.
    2.Click General in the Select a page pane on the left.
    3. Enter a Login name.
    4. Select SQL Server authentication.
    1. Enter and confirm an appropriate Password

      The password provided must meet at least three of the following criteria:

      • Contains at least one uppercase letter.
      • Contains at least one lowercase letter.
      • side-tray
      • Contains at least one non-alphanumeric character, e.g., #, %, or ^.
    2. Clear the Enforce Password Policy selection.
    3. In the Default database field, select your Orion database.
      The default Orion database name is NetPerfMon.
    4. Click Server Roles in the Select a page pane on the left.
    5. Select public and sysadmin.
    6. Click User Mapping in the Select a page pane on the left.
    7. Select your Orion database.
    8. In the corresponding Default Schema field, click Browse (...), enter dbo
    9. Click Check Names, and then click OK.
    10. On the Login - New window, click OK.

To verify the new user, click + to expand Databases > OrionDatabaseName > Security > Users.. Your newly created user should display in the Users list.

If your newly created user does not display in the Users list, the account you used to initially log in to the SQL Server Management Studio does not have permission to create database accounts.

* note: If you prefer to use SQL command instead of gui...  Please refer to GRANT VIEW SERVER STATE Command

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