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Data is not available message on CPU and Memory Capacity Forecast charts

Updated November 13, 2018


When checking the Node Details page of a recently added node, you will notice that the CPU Capacity Forecast Chart and Memory Capacity Forecast Chart is showing "Data is not available".


NPM 11.x and later



  1. Forecast Coefficients calculation requires at least two days' history data
    Forecast Coefficients calculation uses the linear regression. Since we treat each day as one data point, at least two days' history data are required to compute Forecast Coefficients. For Interface Forecast Coefficients, three day's history data might be needed due to the incremental calculation (see the limitation below)
  2. Interface history data for the current day might not be used in Forecast Coefficient calculation
    Due to performance concern, we run incremental calculation for Interface Forecast Coefficients. Some intermediate daily results are calculated/stored in a separate DB table (e.g. InterfaceTrafficUtil_Daily). So any history data from the incomplete day (i.e. the current day) will not be used in current Forecast Coefficients calculation. But those skipped history data will be used in the following day's calculation.
  3. Interface Utilization Capacity Forecasting might not be available if InBandwidth or OutBandwidth is 0
    We calculate Interface Utilization using In/Out_bps ÷ In/OutBandwidth. If In/OutBandwidth = 0, we set Interface Utilization and Capacity Coefficients to NULL. There might be some cases, In/OutBandwidth become available through polling or set by the user manually. Due to incremental calculation, the calculated daily utilization (InterfaceTrafficUtil_Daily) could still be null. One workaround would be truncating InterfaceTrafficUtil_Daily table, let DBM recompute all daily utilization. 



  • Ensure that you meet the following requirements above. 
  • Disable and Enable forecasting:

a. Launch Orion Service Manager
b. Shutdown SolarWinds Information Service V3
c. Open "C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\Information Service\3.0\SolarWinds.InformationService.Service.exe.config"
d. Add "<add key="OptimizeDateTimeConversionEnabled" value="true"/>" into "<AppSettings>"
e. Save and close
f. Start SolarWinds Information Service V3 




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