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Data is not available for custom SQL or SWQL charts after upgrading to NPM 12

Updated December 10, 2018


This article addresses an issue where your custom reports do not return data after upgrading to NPM 12.0.
When editing the report, an error related to data grouping is displayed. The chart does not return any data when data grouping for values is set.


  • NPM 12.0


The behavior of the Data Grouping option responsible for customizing group data into a chart series changed in NPM 12.0.

In earlier NPM versions, you could display a chart per object where you had a SQL or SWQL query in the data source that returned data for several objects. You had to specify the column name to group the chart data by, such as NodeID. and to group the chart data by NoteID, you set the legend to Node Name and selected the Caption column.

To do this in NPM 12.0, you need to specify the grouping when creating a report with a custom chart widget and SQL data source.


  1. Add a dummy column to return the same value for all rows.
  2. Select the column in the Data Grouping option.

See Add content to a web-based report for more information.


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