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Customize a web console page to add a gauge

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Created by Panagiotis.Pavlos.Michailidis, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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Complete the following steps to add a gauge to any page on the Orion Web Console.


Orion Web Console, all versions


  1. Log in to the web console as an administrator and go to the page on which you want the gauge to appear.

  2. Click Customize page on the top right.

  3. Add one or more resources:

    1. Under Resources, click the Add Resource icon.

    2. Choose Custom Object Resource.

    3. Click Add Selected Resource.

    4. Repeat these steps to add a resource for each node you want to monitor.

    5. When you finish, click Done.

  4. Configure each resource:

    1. On the resource, click Configure this resource.

    2. Give the resource a title.

    3. Choose Nodes as the object type.

    4. Click Select Object.

    5. Under Available Nodes, select one of the nodes you want the gauge to display information about, and then click the green arrow to move it to Selected Nodes.

    6. Click Submit.

    7. Under Select object resource, select an option that includes the word gauge and displays the desired information. For example: Average CPU Load and Memory Utilization - Radial Gauges.

    8. Select the gauge style and size.

    9. Click Submit.


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