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Create custom HTML resource view


This article provides steps to create and use custom HTML Resource view.


All Orion Core products


  1. Log on to the Orion Web Console and go to the page or view.
  2. Click Customize Page in the upper right side,
  3. Click Expand (+) in the target column to add a resource.
  4. Enter Custom HTML in the Search field, select and submit.
  5. Back to the Customize Page, click Submit to save the changes.
  6. Go to the Custom HTML resource and click Edit.
  7. Enter your custom HTML.

 The example below is to display a website using iFrame scripting:


** In addition you can add html code to access SWQL Variables
(the same ones you use in alert email actions) link to the WebPage as well.


if on a Node Detail Page then use for example;  <B>NodeID:</B> ${NodeID}<BR>

if on a Interface Page then use for example;  <B>InterfaceID:</B> ${InterfaceID}<BR>


Tryit !!! **


8. Click Submit and the site will populate, adjusting the column width or adjusting the width or height in the HTML script to size the view correctly.




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