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Create an alert

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Updated June 6th, 2016


NPM comes with alerts that you can copy and modify according to your environment and alert needs. Creating custom alerts is out of our supported products. Here are some resources that will explain and show how to build your alerts:





Excellent Video explaining Group-Parent-Child

SolarWinds Level 2 Training Advanced Alert Manager


Understanding Orion Report Writer

SolarWinds Orion Web-Based Reports


Thwack Community Alert Labs


All NPM versions


To create an alert:

  1. Open Orion System Manager.
  2. New Alert / Or Create a copy of an existing Alert.Configure Advanced Alerts > Go Alerts >.
  3. Provide the Name and Description of Alert.
  4. Enable the alert.
  5. Decide how frequently you want to check the alert.
  6. Add a Trigger Condition.
  7. Decide what type of property you want to monitor.
  8. Add a simple condition.


For example: NodeStatus is equal to Down:

  • Reset Condition
    • Choose how you want the alert to reset
  • Alert Suppression
    • Suppress the alert if certain conditions are met
  • Time of Day
    • Do you only want the alert to trigger at certain times
  • Trigger Actions
  • What do you want the alert to do when it triggers, e.g. Email, Page:
    1. Click Add New Action, Send an Email/Page
    2. Set Email/Page address, SMTP Server, Time of day,
    3. Setup the Message tab:
      1. Give the subject based on your preference
      2. Message workspace>> click Insert Variable


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