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Create a view for WAN interface utilization - multiple interfaces

Updated: February 19, 2019


Create a custom summary view with widgets that feature interfaces statistics from multiple nodes on a single view. Make the view available for users from the Dashboards menu.


All NPM versions


  1. Log in to Orion Web Console with admin rights.
  2. Create a new view and add custom widgets:
    1. Click Settings > All Settings. Go to the Views section and click Add New View.
    2. Type the Name of New View.
    3. Keep Summary as the Type of View, and click Submit.
    4. Click the plus sign > Search for “Custom Object Resource”.
    5. Repeat the previous step to add a custom object resource for each WAN Interface you want to put on the page.
    6. Click Done.
  3. Optional: Find out what menu bar is configured for your user. 
    To make the view available for your user from the Dashboards menu, you need to add it to the HomeTab Menu Bar. By default, users have Default configured as the HomeTab Menu Bar. If you tend to customize your user accounts, verify what Menu Bar is configured for your user:
    1. Go to User Accounts > Manage Accounts > Select the account to add the view to, and click Edit.
    2. Scroll down to Default Menu Bars and views.
    3. Note what menu bar your user has configured as HomeTab Menu Bar.
  4. Add the view to a menu bar for your user:
    1. Click Settings > All Settings > Customize Navigation & Look > Customize Menu Bars.
    2. Click Edit for the Menu Bar you have configured for the HomeTab Menu bar in your user account (in this example, as well as when the user has default settings, it's Menu Bar: Default).
    3. Find your view in Available items, drag it to Selected items, and click Submit.
    4. Refresh the page. Your new view will be available from My Dashboards.
  5. Configure the custom widgets to display information for the interface:
    1. Click My Dashboards > the new view.
    2. Click Edit in the Custom Object Resource.
    3. Choose Interface as the Object Type.
    4. Click Select Object > Enter the WAN interface you want to monitor.
    5. Select Object Resource > Choose the information you want to put in, such as Ave/Min/Max bps.
    6. Submit.
  6. Repeat the process for the next Custom Object Resource for the other interfaces.


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