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Create a Top XX Average Response Time without Packet Loss column

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Updated June 2nd, 2016


This article describes how to create a custom Resource view using Report from Orion Report Writer (resource view). Customer would like to place a resource view for Top XX Average Response time without the Packet loss column.


NPM all versions


  1. Remote access your Solarwinds Server.
  2. Start >> search >> Orion Report Writer.
  3. Click Create New Report.
  4. Select the Template >> Current Status of Nodes, Volumes, etc.
  5. General Tab – just put the information you need like Title of the report and description.
  6. Select Field Tab – put the fields you want like Node Name and Average Response Time. This will be the columns on the report.
  7. Filter Tab – if you want to have a filter on it, if this is for Global or to all nodes, leave it blank.
  8. Top XX – put on what you want to display.
  9. Then click Preview to see if the reports suffice the view you want. Once done, save the report.
  10. .Then go back to your Solarwinds Web console. Go to the page you want to put this resource view.
  11. Click Customize page button on the upper right hand (green button).
  12. Choose what column you want to put it and click the plus sign (+).
  13. Type on the search box “Report from Orion Report Writer” >> select the resource view and hit submit.
  14. Go back to the page and click Edit on the Report from Orion Report Writer >> choose the report you have created and hit Submit.
  15. This should show the report as a Resource view on the selected page.



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