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Combine Broadcom NICs causes loss of connectivity

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Issue: When teaming two Broadcom BCM5716C netXtreme II GigE network cards on Windows 2008 R2 Orion server using Broadcom's utility software, a random loss of connectivity on one or more of the servers that is being monitored by Orion server is  experienced. A reboot of the Orion server causes one set of servers to disconnect, and others to reconnect. Breaking the team and running off a single NIC causes all connections to return immediately.

Cause: This is more of an environmental [OS/Utility] issue rather than related directly to NPM. NPM doesn't really mind the hardware configuration as long as it only sees one IP address.

Another reason for this issue could be due to the outdated drivers on NICs and Broadcom utility.
verify that the drivers on the NICs are up to date and also the Broadcom utility is up to date.



  • Run the wireshark capture on the Orion server when the NICs are teamed and this will show you where the SNMP requests are leaving the server and where they are returning.


  • Update the Broadcom utility driver.
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