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Clear all fields in Configure Default Send Email Action page

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Updated Nov 16, 2017


This article provides a workaround to delete all fields in Configure Default Send Email Action page.


Orion Platform 2016.1 and later versions

Some users will have SMTP Servers set in Web Settings -> MANAGE SMTP Servers Page.

  • But this alone does not mean its set as a default in the Orion the environment.
  • Users have to set an SMTP Server to DEFAULT with the 'Make Default' Button.
  • 11111.PNG

Once done they will show in the WebSettings Tables, otherwise, no SMTP records will exists in the WebSettings Table.

  • 333.PNG


  1. Create a backup of your Orion database.
  2. Go to Start > SolarWinds Orion > Advanced Features > Database Manager.
  3. Click Add Server (Add Default Server).
  4. Right-click on SolarWindsOrion Database.
  5. Choose New Query.
  6. Copy and Paste the following query:
    SELECT TOP 1000 * FROM [dbo].[WebSettings]
    where settingname like '%defaultEmail%'
  7. Click Execute Query and review and note the settings here.
  8. Delete the values from the SettingValue column.
DELETE FROM [dbo].[WebSettings]
where settingname like '%defaultEmail%'
  • Values here should NOT simply be edited to blank, we have to delete whole records referencing default email.
    • The whole settings need to be removed due to HA feature.

    • If there are partial or blank Values its will break HA, because HA is expecting no records or existing values in records, so delete statement is required here over UPDATE Statement to blank the SMTP Server out.

    • Due to HA not expecting empty (which is not possible to do without direct delete in SQL.

  • Defaults should now be removed.


KevT updated this on behave of DEV as the article was dangerous and breaks Orion HA, updated it from blanking one column to deleting all 5 records and added context, screenshots, and new SQl.

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