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Clear Information Service Subscriptions

Updated July 13, 2018


Information Service uses Subscriptions for Push notifications between SolarWinds servers. As a result, you may experience failures, overall performance impact in the environment or unexpected behaviour of applications and their features.


You are getting a Subscription error/warning in Information Service v3 logs:

WARN  SolarWinds.InformationService.ChangeBroker.NotificationManager - (null)     
The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint 
"FK_SubscriptionPendingNotification". The conflict occurred in database "NetPerfMon", 
table "dbo.Subscriptions", column 'Id'.
The statement has been terminated.

Check to see if Failed Delivery Attempts are in the dbo.Subscriptions table:

SELECT * FROM Subscriptions WHERE FailedDeliveryAttempts>0

The following is an example failed attempt entry in the table:

Id EndpointAddress FailedDeliveryAttempts
c4f476f5-77ef-41f7-a828-001de8d790c9 net.tcp://HOSTNAME:17777/SolarWinds/Orion/v3/OrionDataProvider/SchemaChange 126

Before you clear the subscriptions, SolarWinds recommends you attempt to understand why it is failing.

  1. Access the EndPointAddress.
  2. Log in to this server.
  3. Check what SolarWinds software is installed and why it is connecting in the first place.

Module earlier than Orion Platform 2016.1

If you are on a module that ships with the Orion Platform 2015.1.3 and earlier, such as NPM 11.5.3, SAM 6.2.3, or NCM 7.4.1.

In Orion Platform 2016.1 and later (for example, NPM 12.0 and later), communication between polling engines and webservers was improved. Clearing subscriptions should not be necessary except for edge cases, such as when old stale records to an old polling engine were carried over during an upgrade.

If delivery attempts fail repeatedly, contact SolarWinds support.

Before opening a support case, make sure the issues are not caused by the following:

  • Unstable network connections between the polling engines. If the connection is solid, deliveries should work.
  • DNS issues. SWIS running into issues resolving the host names used in the endpoint address.
  • An overloaded machine that doesn’t have the ability to consume any more connections.

Do not use Alert Central

Alert Central (free tool) creates related subscriptions. Do not clear the subscriptions table without confirmation from SolarWinds Alert Central developers on the Alert Central THWACK forum.  All support is done through THWACK.


  • Orion Platform
  • Main Polling Engine
  • Additional Polling Engine
  • MSMQ

    Starting with Orion Platform 2016.1 (for example NPM 12.0 and later), most Pub/Sub messages are handled by RabbitMQ instead of MSMQ.

  • Information Service


The following situations can be causing your issues:



To clear subscriptions and recreate them use the following steps:

  1. Stop all Orion Services on all Orion servers including Additional Polling Engines and Additional Web Server.
  2. Open the SolarWinds Orion Database Manager.
  3. Click "Add default Server".
  4. Right-click the Orion Database, and select New Query.
  5. Enter the following queries:



    Delete From [dbo].[PendingNotifications]
    Delete From [dbo].[SubscriptionTags]
    Delete From [dbo].[Subscriptions]
    Delete From [dbo].[ContainerMemberSnapshots]

       Delete From [dbo].[LimitationSnapshots]

        DELETE FROM Limitations WHERE WhereClause = '1=1'

    6. Click Execute query.    

    7. Start all Orion services for all Orion Servers.


Check these tables once more over the next few days. If something keeps failing, create a ticket with our support team for investigation.


Related Issue: APE - Subscription failures after re-installation of Additional polling engine


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