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Change Alert emails from HTML to plain text

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Created by Hamza Fahey, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article provides steps to change  Alert emails from HTML to plain text. 

Within alerts, there is an option / alert action to send alert emails as either HTML or Plain Text, this is useful if mail filtering or mail security polices are in place to block / strip / alter emails, as HTML may not be allowed within messages.


NPM version 11.5.x


1. Log in to the SolarWinds Orion Website/Web Console and open Settings > Alerts & Reports, Manage Alerts, Alert Manager.

2. Search for the Alert to be edited, and then select the Alert and select Edit Alert.

3. From within the Edit Alert options, select Trigger Action.

4. Under Trigger Actions, ACTION TITLE, Send an Email/Page select Edit, Scroll to option 2. Message and change HTML to Plain Text.

5. Select Next, save changes, select next and under the Reset Action options, if there is also a Send an Email/Page added here, then repeat the same steps taken for the Trigger Action options.


To test the related options above, there is a SIMULATE option that can be used and once editing is complete, select Next to the end, then submit all changes for them to be saved.


Repeat the above steps for as many Alerts as required.



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