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CPU and Memory resource not loading on the Web Console

Created by Con Finucane, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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When listing resources on the device from the Orion Web Console and add CPU and Memory, the resource does not display. Listing the resources again shows that the CPU and Memory options are not selected.


All NPM versions


If a device does not have OIDs for both Memory and CPU, a poller is not assigned and resources are not added to the device.


Note: The following example describes how to set up a device studio poller for a C3900-UNIVERSALK9-M device.

  1. Take an SNMP walk for the device by performing the following:
    1. Open C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion and run SNMPWalk.exe
    2. Enter the IP address of the node and the community string.
    3. Click Scan.
    4. Save the resulting text file.
      Note: SNMP Walk is included in NPM 10.3 and above, if you have an older version, download from
  2. Use the SNMP walk to check which OIDs are supported.
    Note: The following OIDs are used for Cisco CPU and Memory (other devices use different OIDs).
    Poller N.CPU.SNMP.CiscoGen1
    CiscoAvgBusy5 =
    CiscoAvgBusy1 =

    Poller N.Cpu.SNMP.CiscoGen2
    CpmCPUTotal5Min =
    CpmCPUTotal1Min =

    Poller N.Cpu.SNMP.CiscoGen3
    CseSysCPUUtilization =

    CiscoProcessorRam =
    CiscoFreeMem =
    Used memory is computed using formula:
    usedMemory = CiscoProcessorRam - CiscoFreeMem

    ciscoMemoryPoolUsed =
    Poller utilizes GetSubtree request to gather free memory using OID:
    ciscoMemoryPoolFree =
    Used memory is computed as SUM of all ciscoMemoryPoolUsed returned values.
    Free memory is computed as SUM of all ciscoMemoryPoolFree returned values.
    Total memory is computed as SUM of used and free memory.
  3. The following are values obtained for this example:
    •  CPU Poller
    •    Free Memory
  4. On the Orion Web Console go to Settings > Manage Pollers.
  5. Click Create New Poller.
  6. Define the parameters using the following values:
    • Technology: CPU & Memory
    • Poller Package Name: Assign a preferred name
    • Test Node: Enter the node you are troubleshooting
  7. Click Next to create the new poller.
  8. Select the following options
  9. For Free memory, select Define Data Source and add the corresponding OID.
  1. For CPU load, select Define Data Source and add the corresponding OID.
  1. For the used memory:
    1. Select Define Data Source.
    2. In the next window, add the fixed value: 1GB in bytes = 10737418240
    3. Select Add Calculated Value.
    4. Select input: UsedMemoryFormula1
    5. Place a - sign.
    6. Select input: freeMe
    7. Click Submit.
    8. Select Yes the Data Source is Reasonable.
    9. Select Next.
  2. Select 

You can apply this poller to existing nodes once you complete this wizard.

  1. Select Next and then Submit.
    The poller should now be created and can now be assigned to the nodes that it is designed for.


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