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Best practices for BGP Syslog alert

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Created by Malik Haider, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article describes the best practices for BGP Syslog alert.


All NPM versions 


The best practice is to configure your router to send Syslog if the status changes. This enables you to not miss any state changed once you have the Syslog in Orion. In the Syslog viewer you can set up a rule for this specific Syslog. Then in the trigger actions tab, you can add an email action to be emailed when getting this Syslog.

If the neighbor description is in the message of the Syslog, then you should be able to put that in the email by the ${Message} variable. If it neighbor description is not in the message of the Syslog, then it would not be possible to add it in automatically and send it out.

Refer to the BGP Diagnostics section in the following article for more details:


Refer to the following article for the list of all variables that can be used with syslogs.



Other syslog variables


The following article give more information on the BGP Alerting available .

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