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Alerts re-trigger periodically (every 10 days)

Updated July 20th, 2016


Alerts are received when there are no new events.

For example:

  • Node is Down
  • But alert re-triggers on the same node after period of 10 days


  • All versions of Core


For NPM 11.0.1 [Core 2014.2.1] and older

The default value can be changed from 14400 minutes (10 days) up to a maximum of 129599 minutes (90 days).

  1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\AlertingEngine.exe.config.
  2. Change the value setting in the following key from "14400" to "129599":
         ​<add key="AutoClearAlertIntervalInMinutes" value="14400" />
  3. Save the file.
  4. Restart Alerting Engine using Orion Service Manager:
    1. Open Orion Service Manager [Start > SolarWinds Orion > Advanced Features > Orion Service Manager].
    2. Select SolarWinds Alerting Engine.
    3. Click Restart.


NPM 11.5 [Core 2015.1] and newer

The default value can be changed from 10 days up to a maximum of 100 days.

Run the following query against your SQL DB using Database Manager or SQL Server Management Studio.

UPDATE Settings SET CurrentValue = '144000' WHERE SettingID = 'AlertEngine-AutoClearAlertIntervalInMinutes'

This will increase the re-trigger interval to 100 days.


There are three scenarios that will cause an alert to re-trigger:

  • Alert was triggered - The alert was reset and the conditions set are triggered.
  • Within the Alerting Engine we have auto-clear of acknowledged alerts functionality. This means Alerting Engine clears acknowledged alerts and re-triggers them again (if trigger condition is still true) when triggered alert is in acknowledged state during last 10 days (default value).
  • If you manually clear an Acknowledged alert from the Active alerts window, and the object being monitored still meets Trigger Condition.


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