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Adtran node has two IP addresses used for SNMP and Netflow respectively

Created by Daniel Polaske, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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Rarely, a Netflow-configured device may be configured to send the bulk of its SNMP data with a particular source IP address, and the Netflow data with a different particular source IP address. When this occurs, NTA will be unable to break the Netflow down by the interface level as there are no interface index IDs available on the Netflow IP address.

In cases wherein the device is managed by an ISP or outside party, it may be difficult or impossible to change the device configuration to the required setup, which is to have the node report both SNMP and Netflow data with the same source IP address.  This allows the node to be managed in NPM, and then to be added as a Netflow source.

This appears to occur primarily to Adtran devices, however it is theoretically possible on other devices as well.


All NTA versions

All NPM versions


NTA uses IfIndex to break down flow data into interfaces so that charts/graphs/reports can be broken down into conversations which traversed a particular interface, for example.  If a device has two IP addresses, one for SNMP and one for Netflow, the Netflow source can be added if there is a minimum of SNMP data available on that IP, but not enough to differentiate between different interface indexes on that node.  Therefore, the flow data can be viewed at the node level (under the Netflow Source "NTA Virtual Interface X" for example), but cannot be viewed per interface.


There is a feature request pending review to be able to correlate two different NPM nodes with the same flow data, but until that is implemented, the only alternative is to configure the device to send SNMP and Netflow from the same management IP address.


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