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Additional Polling Engine is down or is not polling

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Created by David Clark, last modified by Abdul.Aziz on Jun 21, 2018

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Node charts are empty and is also showing the latest poll from the previous hour. The engine poll status is shown as Down and the polling completion result is less than 100%.


  • NPM 10.7 or later



  1. Go to Settings > Details > click on Polling Engines and get the IP address of the polling engine that is showing as Down. RDP to the engine that is Down.
  2. On the Polling Engine Server, click on Start > SolarWinds Orion > Orion Service Manager.
    a. Click Shutdown Everything and make sure that all services status says Stopped.
    It is possible that a 3rd party is running if syslog and SNMP traps are not running. This is ok.
    Open Task Manager and manually stop services such as SWCollector(3), SWInfo(2) and SWJob(3) if needed.
    b. Click Start Everything.
  3. Go back to the Orion Web Console and refresh the page that shows the Engine Status. Check the Stats and Polling Completion.
  4. Go to a node that is using that polling engine and click Poll Now. Check if the polling data is refreshed.
    Note: Polling results may take 10 minutes to complete.
    If there are no results, the polling engine may still have issues.
  5. If the polling Engine is still down, go back to the RDP session with the polling engine.
    a. Go to C:\programdata\SolarWinds\Installers.
    b. Right click on Polling Controller > Uninstall. (Skip this step if you are running NPM 12.0 and above)
    c. Right click on Information Service > Uninstall.
    d. Right click on Job Engine > Uninstall.
    e. Right click on Job Engine V2 > Uninstall.
    Note: There could be an issue if the above programs/applications have been uninstalled by another user.
  6. Make sure that User Account Control (UAC) is turned off. This requires a reboot.
  7. Go back to all the above services. Right click and install each of them.
  8. Right click on CoreInstaller > Repair.
    Note: A server reboot might be required.
  9. Open Orion Service Manager and check to make sure that all services are running.
  10. Run Configuration Wizard.
    a. Click Next on everything.
    b. Verify the information regarding SNMP traps or the Solarwinds SNMP trap.
  11. Go back to the Orion Web Console and check the polling engine by clicking Refresh on the page. The engine should be back up and the Polling Completion status close to 100%.
  12. Go back to the Node and under Interface Details, click Poll Now.


If the above does not resolve, then there is potential DB connection problem from APE to Orion DB


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