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Install or upgrade Orion when DPA is installed on the same computer

Created by Su-Lyn Rosenberry-ret, last modified by Melanie Boyd on Apr 21, 2017

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Updated November 28, 2016


This article describes how to install or update Orion Platform products on a computer where DPA 10.1 or earlier is installed.


  • DPA 10.1.313 and earlier
  • Orion Platform 2016.1 and later
    • NPM 12.0 and later
    • SAM 6.2.4 and later
    • SRM 6.3 and later
    • NCM 7.5 and later
    • NTA 4.2 and later


Installing the Orion Platform 2016.1 on the same computer as DPA 10.1.313 or earlier causes issues for Orion products. (This issue is fixed in DPA 10.1.317 and later.)


Before upgrading to Orion 2016.1 or later, complete the following steps:

  1. Make sure that DPA is not integrated with the Orion Platform:
    1. In the Orion Web Console, click Settings > All Settings.
    2. Under Product Specific Settings, click Database Performance Analyzer.
    3. For DPA in Orion 10.0.1 and earlier, click Set Up DPA Integration.
    4. For DPA in Orion 10.2 and later, click Manage DPA Servers.
    5. If DPA is integrated with the Orion Platform, click Remove integration.

      If this step fails or an error occurs, execute the queries in Remove integration with a DPA server manually.

  2. Upgrade to DPA 10.1.317 or later. You can download DPA in the Customer Portal.

    DPA needs to be upgraded to fix this issue, not the DPA integration module.

  3. Upgrade your Orion products.
  4. If DPA was previously integrated, re-establish the integration between DPA and Orion Platform products.


  • Orion checks one of the following registry keys to see if DPA is installed:
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Confio\IgnitePI\InstallDir
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\wow6432Node\Confio\IgnitePI
  • Historical alert data will be erased if DPA is installed after the affected version of Orion has been upgraded or installed.
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