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How to remove a cached email address in an alert email action

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Created by Seamus.Enright, last modified by Laura C on Sep 21, 2017

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This article explains how to remove recipients from the drop-down list under the To: field in Trigger Action > Edit E-Mail/Page Action as shown below.  Note:  This only applies to versions of NPM including and before 11.0.



NPM 11.0.1 and older



What you will see in Advanced Alert Manager:

image2014-6-2 10-37-18.pngimage2014-6-2 10-37-37.png

Remove the unwanted entries from the 

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Network Performance Monitor\Recipient registry

Important Notes:

** Deleting an email address here does not break the trigger action on existing alerts, it simply removes that email from the drop-down list. 

** Backup the registry before you delete anything on a customer's system!

1. From your Orion server, click Start > Run. Type "regedit"

What you will see in the registry:image2014-6-2 10-37-6.png


2. Verify the entry you would like to remove

Example - deleting "" doesn't break the alert:

image2014-6-2 10-40-17 (1).png


3. After it has been removed, re-open the Alert Manager and you will see that unwanted cached entry is not on the list

Instead, it removes "" from the drop down list:image2014-6-2 10-41-39.png


4. Verify that the alert action still exist

You can see here that the email action for "" still exists:

image2014-6-2 10-42-31.png

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09:53, 21 Sep 2017