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How to create a separate group details view

Table of contents

Updated: October 26, 2017


This article provides a workaround for creating a group details view that allows the user to customize the resources of each individual group.


  • All NPM versions


  1. Create a new group (if required).
  2. Click the Groups link in the menu bar and select the targeted group.
    The Group Details view displays.
  3. In the URL, note the NetObject "C" number for your group.
  4. Build a custom view for your group.
  5. Preview the view and change the NetObject for the preview URL to the NetObject corresponding to your target Group.
    The view should change to show your Group details using the new view.
  6. Copy this URL.
  7. Create a new menu bar item based on this URL.
  8. Assign the menu bar item to another menu bar.
  9. Repeat step one through step eight for each group that requires a custom details view.




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