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Use Alert suppression

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The Alert Suppression is an SQL Query on the Database itself and it is not directly tied to a Trigger Condition. If the query finds a record to be True, it causes an alert suppression on the original trigger. 


NPM version 11.0


You can set alert/alert suppression by:
          Click Start > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Alerting, Reporting, and Mapping > Advanced Alert > Configure Alert.


Adding Alert Suppression to an Alert:

Create an Alert - Down Servers 
     Alert Trigger: If DeviceType = Server and Status = Down, then trigger.


You can add an Alert Suppression to the same Alert. For example, if a particular Router\Switch is down, then do not Alert.
    Alert Suppression: If DeviceType = Switch AND Status = Down, then Suppress.


Using Tiered Alerting

In Alert Trigger/Alert Suppression you must tell the Alert which device to query. This can be done via Custom Properties. 

    1st Custom Property = DeviceType and assign labels to each node, like server, switch, router.
    2nd Custom Property = Site


After setting Custom Properties, then you can set an alert to trigger. if any Server in Site A is down, but suppress if a Router\Switch in Site A is down. 

For this to happen, you need to create two Alerts per Site:

1. Create an Alert - Down Servers in London

    Alert Trigger: If DeviceType = Server AND Status = Down AND Site = “London”, then trigger.
    Alert Suppression: : If DeviceType = Switch AND Status = Down AND Site = “London”, then Suppress.

2. Create an Alert - Down Switches in London

    Alert Trigger: If DeviceType = Switch AND Status = Down AND Site = “London”, then trigger.

3. Copy 1 and 2 for each of the Locations, but change the Site names, for example, replace London with Paris.
    Refer to Using Orion Groups and Dependencies  for more information.


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