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How to Monitor Nodes in a WAN - Add NATED nodes in Orion

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Created by Malik Haider, last modified by Mindy.Kerber on Nov 16, 2016

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Updated: November 16, 2016


This article describes how to add NATED nodes in Orion. You have nated network behind the firewall either over the WAN (see examples below) . In such cases, there is no direct routing between the two network and traffic is NATed through the Firewall / Router .




All NPM Core versions 


Note: You cannot add a duplicate ip address for devices and NAT the traffic through the port to monitor the individual node. This is practically not possible and not supported . 


For Windows SolarWinds Agent, see How agents (See more details below ) 

Other devices:

In order to add the NATED network and nodes in Orion, create some VPN connectivity or routing has to be configured in order to access the network directly by reaching out to each individual node only. You will be able to add the nodes in Orion or can run the Network discovery for NATed network . 


You should be able to PING and able to Run SNMPWALK from the Orion server directly to the node ip from Orion server .


Alternatively, you can deploy APE for the NATED network (required server license).

Install SolarWinds additional polling engines

I have a LINUX server behind a public firewall how can i monitor ? 


Again if its a single node you can directly add the public ip address of the firewall and then configure NAT rule in the firewall to forward SNMP 161 traffic to the target LINUX server  behind the firewall.  


You must be able to PING and able to Run SNMPWALK from the Orion server directly to the public ip of the firewall  from Orion serve and get response from the actual LINUX server . 


Please Note again only one node with one ip address therefor you will not be able to add another server with same firewall public ip address using the NAT rule forwarding port traffic . 






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