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How Orion list resources interfaces

Updated April 23rd, 2016




In this document you will learn:


  • How Orion list resources interfaces 
  • How can I check interfaces outside Orion product using 3rd party tool 
  • What are the requirements for monitoring interfaces 
  • You are not able to see interfaces from the device after adding the node in Orion "List Resources"  
  • You have node added in Orion and unable to see Virtual / or Tunnel interfaces 
  • Few interfaces you have configured on the device and  unable to see these new interfaces in List Resources
  • You have configured SUB interfaces on the node and unable to see these interfaces in List Resource 





What to Verify


  • First, make sure you have  added the Node with SNMP and verified the SNMP Test is passed?




  • Have you tried "List Resources" with different SNMP Versions ? 
    • You can try SNMP V1 V2 V3 one by one in order to check if any of these will show up your interfaces 
    • For more details see What are differences between SNMP V1 V2 V3
    • Select SNMP V1 / V2 / V3 one by one and do "List Resources"  check if you are able to see interfaces 




  • How Orion detects interfaces from the device ? 
  1. Orion polls for the following OID's in order to get the information of the Interfaces available on the device.

IF-MIB:ifIndex .
IF-MIB::ifDescription .
IF-MIB::ifLastChange .
IF-MIB::ifOperStatus .
IF-MIB::ifType .
IF-MIB::ifAlias .
IF-MIB::ifAdminStatus .


  1. Run the MIB Walk Tool below to verify the  Interface is actually been presented by the Node .
    • Running SNMPWalk
    • Are you able to see the  Interface listed  in device SNMPWALK result ? 
  2. In order to see an Interface to show up in the "List Resources" , the above OID's are used and also the Interface needs to have an "ifIndex" only then the Interface will be showed up on the list resources.
  3. So in summary if the device does not have the OID's for your  interfaces, and therefore they are not showing up in the list resource process.
  • How to verify through Universal device poller? 

Also you can verify the Interfaces through the OID to create a Universal Device Poller .

Start > All programs > SolarWinds Orion > Network Performance Monitor > Universal Device Poller >

New Universal Device Poller 


Follow the Screen shot to verify the Interface is been presented by the Node.


Troubleshooting using 3rd Party Tools


Following 3rd party tool on Orion server desktop and see if you are able to see the Node interfaces correctly . This will further isolate the issue and help us to identify the problem area.



Please download

FLOWANALYZER Download (© 2017 Copyright Plixer International, Inc., available at, obtained on January 16th, 2017.)

Go to Trender Tab
Add the ip address of the device
Select a Read/Write SNMP Credential: (Use SNMPV1 /V2 /V3 one by one ) 

Select "Create /Edit Credential"
( Create a New One )
Type the Community String
Click " Get"

Confirm you are able to  to see the interfaces ? 

If not try SNMP V2 for the same device and compare the difference . 





Please find the KB post below 

SNMP test using SolarWinds RealTime Bandwidth Monitor Tool


If you still think you need assistance feel free to contact Solarwinds Support team . 


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