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Historical data appears to be missing after upgrade

Created by Harry Griffiths, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article provides information about why historical data might appear to be missing after an update. 


All Orion Core products 


If you look at the database and notice a gap, then there was likely some sort polling issue. The following is a clear example of this issue. You can see the first and last entry below have values and everything before and after that value are fine. Just the gaps are the zeros. In this case, the upgrade actually fixed whatever polling issues existed in this environment.

Please note, we do not delete historical data during upgrades. This old data only gets purged during nightly database maintenance and only purges data after your set retention period.


ResponseTime_Daily_20151029 2986 104
ResponseTime_Daily_20151105 0 0
ResponseTime_Daily_20151112 0 0
ResponseTime_Daily_20151119 0 0
ResponseTime_Daily_20151126 0 0
ResponseTime_Daily_20151203 0 0
ResponseTime_Daily_20151210 0 0
ResponseTime_Daily_20151217 0 0
ResponseTime_Daily_20151224 0 0
ResponseTime_Daily_20151231 0 0
ResponseTime_Daily_20160107 0 0
ResponseTime_Daily_20160114 0 0
ResponseTime_Daily_20160121 0 0
ResponseTime_Daily_20160128 2610 88
ResponseTime_Daily_20160204 2548 88
ResponseTime_Daily_20160211 0 0
ResponseTime_Daily_20160218 0 0
ResponseTime_Daily_20160225 0 0
ResponseTime_Daily_20160303 0 0
ResponseTime_Daily_20160310 0 0
ResponseTime_Daily_20160317 0 0
ResponseTime_Detail_20160203 365271 15392


  • There is no way of going back to fix the polling issue. This data was not polled or was polled but never stored in the database. Diagnostics taken may help trace the kind of polling issue, but it will not help with the missing data.
  • SolarWinds recommends being proactive. Use SolarWinds SAM and set up the Orion Server Template so you will be alerted about possible polling issues.




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