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Hardware health Undefined for SNMP polled devices

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Created by Jane Baylon, last modified by James Fahey on Jan 24, 2017

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This article provides information about the cause of a hardware health monitoring undefined error.



NPM version 11.0.1 and later


This situation usually happens when Topology pollers are on for node and causing high load on device thus other pollers such as hardware health might get timeouts.


The topology polling interval is usually somewhere around 30 minutes, so if the situation more like happens in this interval it is hot candidate.


Are you polling that device using SNMP v2 or v3? If you are using this, try changing it to SNMP v1 and see if the issue goes away after that. One of the changes in the new versions of NPM is that, we use SNMP v1 when polling a node.


There are a few cases were some devices do not like SNMP getting bulk requests and will fail to respond; hence the intermittent unknown hardware status.


To correct this, set the device to SNMP v1 and from NPM > edit the Node Properties > use SNMP v1 which in turn will poll using SNMP to get requests. Make sure to give it sometime to poll after making the change.


Creating too many custom thresholds for Hardware Health sensors can cause polling to stop or timeout.




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